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1376 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02138

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Tours run from March - November, 7 Days a Week, 10am - 4pm

The Harvard Tour

The Hahvahd Tour is the most popular tour of Harvard University.  Our guests enjoy a one-of-a-kind theatrical journey through Harvard from the perspective of current Harvard students. Our tours have since served over one million Harvard visitors and enjoy high marks from the NY Times, NPR, Trip Advisor and Yelp!  The tour opperates under license by the Harvard Trademark Program and officially partners with the The Harvard Shop and the Harvard COOP and Harvard Student Agencies.

  • Hahvahd Tour Details

    What will I learn on The Hahvahd Tour?

    Starting Location: 1376 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA (outside the Main Harvard Red Line Subway Station at the Cambridge Information Booth)

    Ending Location: 57 JFK Street, Cambridge MA (The Harvard Shop)

    Cost: $10 per person - but just $8.95 per person when you book online

    Tour Times:  7 days a week, March-November.  Click “Book Now” for exact tour times

    Tour Length (time):  About 70 minutes

    Tour Length (distance):  Less than one mile

    Transportation Options:  We suggest taking the Subway or a cab to Harvard Square.  If you drive in the closest parking is an outdoor lot at 50 Church Street, Cambridge MA

    Tour Description:  Our tour is Led by current Harvard Students who each complete a rigorous 2-month training process.  The tour is scripted to provide theatrical entertainment suitable for all ages.  The NY Times calls our tour is a “crash course” in student life, University history, and has stories you won’t hear anywhere else!  At $10 per person, you can’t beat our price - plus we offer a FREE MAP to every tour guest!  Our tour route covers 400 years of Harvard, Cambridge, and Boston history through three main tour themes: Harvard History, Insider Information and Famous Harvardians.  Site locations include the Harvard Yard and the John Harvard Statue, plus dozens of historic buildings including Memorial Hall, Sever Hall, Widener Library and the Harvard Lampoon.  Book Now!





Our simple FAQ page is built to help you find the tour information you need.
If you can't find what you need here please call us at 855-455-8747

  • Please Describe Your Tour

    The Hahvahd Tour is the most popular walking tour of Harvard University. Guided by current Harvard undergrads, it is a 70-minute historic tour of Harvard Yard and the surrounding neighborhood of Harvard Square. Entertaining and educational, the Hahvahd Tour is in its 8th year of operation.  It receives consistent praise from guests and major media outlets!

  • Where does the tour start?

    The Hahvahd Tour starts at the Cambridge Information Booth, located at 1376 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138.  This address is right outside the Harvard Red Line “T” (subway) Station. Our guides and managers will greet you wearing straw hats, and our famous “Hahvahd” t-shirts!

  • How much does the tour cost?

    There is a charge to take our tour. For booking online, tickets are $8.95 per person. If you do not reserve tickets ahead of time, you will pay $10 at the end of the tour.

  • How do I make a reservation?

    To book and print tickets online, please visit our Booking Page (hyperlink needed). From there, you can select your tour time, the amount of guests in your party, pay by credit card, and print out your tickets right at home.

  • Why should I reserve online?

    When you reserve online, we process your payment in advance, so you can save time on the day of your tour.  If you wait until the day of the tour costs $10 per person, so you save when you book ahead of time!  Also when booking online, you receive coupons and special offers with your ticket - a unique benefit only available with only booking.

  • What is included on the tour?

    Our walking tour of Harvard is a 70 minute adventure led by a Harvard Student.  The tour is partly-scripted to be a theatrical, entertaining performance!  Tour themes include Harvard History, Insider Information & Famous Harvardians.  The tour covers major Harvard landmarks including Johnston Gate, John Harvard Statue, Memorial Hall, Widener Library, Memorial Church, Harvard Lampoon, and the historic Winthrop Park.

  • How are you affiliated with Harvard?

    Founded in 2006 by Harvard Alumni, we are a private company that employs over 50 Harvard students per year.  The Harvard Trademark Program officially licenses our company to use the Harvard brand.  We are an official partner of Harvard Student Agencies, The Harvard COOP and The Harvard Museum of Natural History.  We provide tours for nearly every Harvard graduate school.  Our founder sits as a Board Member with the Harvard Square Business Association.  We are proud to serve Harvard.

  • Who leads our tours?

    Our tour guides are current Harvard Students!  When you join our tour, you’re getting the inside scoop from someone who knows the ins and outs of Harvard University.  As current students, our guides are a resource to guests who want to learn more about the Harvard experience.

  • How far will I walk on the tour?

    The tour route is less than one mile.  We walk at a leisurely pace through campus.

  • Is the tour handicap accessible?

    Yes, the terrain of the tour route is handicap accessible at nearly every stop.  If someone in your party has a disability, please contact us before the tour and we will do our best to serve you.  We cannot provide wheelchairs on site.

  • Are there places to sit on the tour?

    Yes, at the halfway point, the group will be given an opportunity to sit outside the doors of the famous Widener Library.

  • Are tours ever canceled due to inclement weather?

    We operate rain or shine from March 1 - Nov 15.  During severe thunderstorms with lightning our public walking tours do close for the safety and comfort of our guests.  Don’t worry - storms never last long in New England!

  • Is this a tour for prospective students?

    Yes, in fact, National Public Radio has called the Hahvahd Tour “the real deal” for prospective students.  However, it is important to note that we are not the Harvard Admissions tour.  We encourage all prospective students to visit the admissions office at some point on their visit to Harvard.  While our tour is geared toward guests of all ages from across the globe, prospective students can gain a lot of insight about the University and Harvard culture. Your guide is a current student and is happy to answer your questions!

  • Is this tour suitable for children?

    Yes!  Our tour is scripted to entertain both adults and children.  AAA Magazine called us “great for families!”  We strive to serve guests of all ages, and families really enjoy our friendly, interactive tour guides!

  • Does the tour go inside any buildings?

    The Hahvahd Tour does not tour the interior of the buildings.  We show our guests all the key highlights of the Harvard campus, leaving time to absorb the rich history and lore given at each stop.  To go inside buildings consider booking a private tour through our parent company Trademark Tours (hyperlink needed)

  • When are tours running?

    Tours are offered between 10am - 4pm, 7 days a week from March - December.  Please view our current schedule on our Booking Page.

  • Is there parking?

    There is limited street parking in the area, but there are several parking garages close to our tour.  Take a look on our Map to get a better feel for the area and to plan your visit.

  • Have your tours been reviewed?

    Our tours have been praised by NPR, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Forbes Magazine, AAA and the History Channel. We have a Yelp page, and we are considered the #1 Tour in Cambridge according to Trip Advisor.

  • Do you offer private tours?

    Our parent company, Trademark Tours, deals exclusively with private group events at Harvard University, the MIT Campus, and the City of Boston. If you would like more information regarding private tours and events, please visit



Meet The Guides

Edward Horgan Tour Guide
Edward Horgan

Class Year at Harvard: 2014
Concentration (Major): Social Studies
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Harvard Extracurriculars: The Harvard College Writing Center
Favorite Place at Harvard: Widener Library, because it's home to some terrific puns
Favorite Part of Being a Tour Guide: The boat jokes

Renzo Falla Tour Guide
Renzo Falla

Class Year at Harvard: 2015
Concentration (Major): Government
Hometown: Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Harvard Extracurriculars: Massachusetts Institute of Politics, Harvard College Peruvian Association
Favorite Place at Harvard: My favorite place at Harvard is the John W. Weeks Bridge. It's a pedestrian bridge that connects Harvard college to the Harvard Business School. From the bridge, you get an amazing view of the Charles River, the illuminated domes on the tops of the undergraduate houses, the golden steeple of Baker Library at the business school, and the sunset on a clear afternoon. It's one of my favorite places to have some frozen yogurt and just enjoy the scenery of the area.
Favorite Part of Being a Tour Guide: Being a tour guide has given me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, to hear about their experiences, and to share my own. Not only have I been able to meet and talk to folks from all over the globe, I've been able to entertain them and tell them all about the school I love.

Brenna Hilferty Tour Guide
Brenna Hilferty

Class Year at Harvard: 2015
Concentration (Major): History and Literature
Hometown: Cambridge, MA
Harvard Extracurriculars: TClub Soccer, China Town Afterschool, Harvard Storytime Players, Dorm Crew, Intramural Frisbee, Alzheimer's Buddies
Favorite Place at Harvard: The Weeks Bridge: the best spot to from which to jump into the Charles.
Favorite Part of Being a Tour Guide: The people I meet, especially when they tell me crazy stories about their lives.

Paoa Montgomery Tour Guide
Paoakalani Montgomery

Class Year at Harvard: 2015
Concentration (Major): Government
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Harvard Extracurriculars: YLC Chair and Social Outreach Committee Member of the Leadership Institute at Harvard College (LIHC), Board member for the Holoimua O Hawaii (Harvard Hawaii Club), and Member of the Bee Club
Favorite Place at Harvard: My favorite place at Harvard would have to be Dunster House! We have a beautiful courtyard and dining hall that I consider unique and quite special. The view from our bedroom window is amazing, overlooking both our courtyard and the Charles River. It's a lovely, very homey community to have here at Harvard!
Favorite Part of Being a Tour Guide: love getting to share the wonders of Harvard with people from all over the world! It's also a fun opportunity for me to bring out my quirky theatrical side and express all the ALOHA I've got for this place :)

Priyanka Sen

Class Year at Harvard: 2016
Concentration (Major): Undecided, leaning towards Linguistics
Hometown: Cambridge, MA
Harvard Extracurriculars: Harvard Classical Club, Zumba
Favorite Place at Harvard: Cafe Gato Rojo
Favorite Part of Being a Tour Guide: I love sharing my college and hometown with people from all over the world.

Ethan Samet Tour Guide
Ethan Samet

Class Year at Harvard: 2015
Concentration (Major): History and Literature
Hometown: Needham, MA
Harvard Extracurriculars: Freshman Outdoor Program (FOP), Harvard Model Congress (HMC)
Favorite Place at Harvard: Weeks Footbridge: See a classic view of the Charles and Harvard without the traffic of other bridges. Also very fun to jump off when it's warm!
Favorite Part of Being a Tour Guide: Each tour is different; it's great to meet personalities from all over the world and represent the incredible university I get to call home.

Brett Roche Tour Guide
Brett Roche

Class Year at Harvard: 2015
Concentration (Major): Slavic Languages and Literatures
Hometown: Halifax, MA
Harvard Extracurriculars: I'm a physical trainer, barista, cook, and contributing writer for several clubs!
Favorite Place at Harvard: Russell House Tavern (for the best quality meal) then the Yard (for the best quality post-meal nap)
Favorite Part of Being a Tour Guide: love all the new people I meet and the impeccable gait I've developed walking backwards. Really. Come check it out. It's amazing.

Lea Parker Tour Guide
Lea Parker

Class Year at Harvard: 2015
Concentration (Major): Psychology
Hometown: Zeeland, Michigan
Harvard Extracurriculars: Harvard College Faith and Action, Kuumba Singers of Harvard College, Black Arts Festival Committee
Favorite Place at Harvard: Boston Tea Stop -- they have the BEST smoothies with boba!
Favorite Part of Being a Tour Guide: I love meeting people from all over, hearing their stories and sharing some of mine... oh, and of course being obnoxious!

C.C. Gong

Class Year at Harvard: 2015
Concentration (Major): Psychology
Hometown: Orange County, CA
Harvard Extracurriculars: Undergraduate Council, The Harvard Crimson, Asian American Association, Harvard Model Congress, Harvard Middle Eastern Dance Company, Delta Gamma
Favorite Place at Harvard: The Quad... it's not that far...really
Favorite Part of Being a Tour Guide: Having folks laugh at my corny jokes

Caitlin McKimmy Tour Guide
Caitlin McKimmy

Class Year at Harvard: 2014
Concentration (Major): Divinity School Graduate Student -- Buddhist Studies
Hometown: Eugene, OR
Harvard Extracurriculars: Research Assistant for Science, Religion, and Culture Program; Transliterator Extraordinaire for Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center; VeriToss -- Divinity School Ultimate Frisbee
Favorite Place at Harvard: Lost in the bowels of Widener Library, or sitting beneath trees in the courtyard of the Divinity School, catching leaves as they fall.
Favorite Part of Being a Tour Guide: The looks my guests give me when I share silly/absurd tidbits from Harvard history.

Jihye Choi

Class Year at Harvard: 2014
Concentration (Major): Government
Hometown: Georgia
Harvard Extracurriculars: Harvard College Faith and Action, Harvard Ichthus, Harvard Student Mental Health Liaisons, Government Department Peer Concentration Counselor
Favorite Part of Being a Tour Guide: I love expressing and sharing the Harvard experience with people from all over the world. :)

Bryan Li

Class Year at Harvard: 2015
Concentration (Major): Economics
Hometown: New Jersey
Harvard Extracurriculars: AAB, AAA Board
Favorite Place at Harvard: Cabot L-31. 4 of my favorite people in one place.
Favorite Part of Being a Tour Guide: Seeing the tourists' really enjoy themselves.

Harvrad Dog
Harvard Hours


1636 New College founded

The Massachusetts Bay Colony established the college to educate Protestan ministers.

1638 Named Harvard College

John Harvard bequeathed his book, money and cow pastures to New College. One year later the college was re-named “Harvard”.

1650 Harvard Corporation

The Great and General Court of Massachusetts issued Harvard corporate charter making it not only the oldest college but the oldest corporation in America.

1726 Wadsworth House

As the second oldest building at Harvard, this building served as the headquarters for General George Washington during the American Revolution.

1782 Harvard Medical School

is stablished

1791 Final Clubs

Harvard’s most secretive (and some say powerful) organizations are known as the Harvard Final Clubs. The first Final Club, The Porcellian, was founded in 1791.

1795 The Hasty Pudding

This elite student theatrical company is famous for its annual student-produced-all-male-musical where the actors dress in drag to play female roles!

1816 Harvard Divinity School

is stablished

1817 Harvard Law School

is established.

1847 The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

is established.

1867 Harvard School of Dental Medicine

is established.

1873 The Harvard Crimson

The Crimson describes itself as "the nation's oldest continuously published daily college newspaper". Past famous editors include Franklin Roosevelt & John F.Kennedy.

1876 The Harvard Lampoon

The Lampoon is the second oldest comedy magazine in the entire country. Lampoon alumni write for hit television shows including The Simpsons, SNL, Seinfeld, and The Office.

1879 Harvard Annex

(later re-named Radcliffe Collage) for women is established.

1982 Harvard COOP

Harvard's oldest bookstore was founded to serve students.

1884 John Harvard Statue

Daniel Chester French (the same man who carved the Lincold Memorial) created this famous statue.

1890 Graduate School of Arts.

is established.

1903 Harvard Stadium

This horseshoe shaped stadium was the fist vertical structure to use reinforced concrete. Harvard boasts more division I sports teams than any other school in the country.

1908 Harvard Business School

is established.

1909 Harvard Extension School

is established.

1920 Harvard Graduate School of Education

is established.

1922 Harvard School of Public Health

is established.

Harvard Krokodiloes
1936 Harvard Graduate School of Public Administration and Graduate School of Design

are established. (The former was renamed John F.Kennedy School of Government in 1966)

1946 Harvard Krokodiloes

Harvard's oldest a cappella singing group is made up of 12-14 male signers. Today Harvard has approximately 10 active a cappella singing groups.

1957 Harvard Student Agencies

This organization was created to provide students jobs at Harvard with "real-world" managerial experience.

1963 Radcliffe College

begins awarding joint Harvard-Radcliffle diplomas.

Harvard Entrance
1969 University Hall Protest

University Hall became the focus of national attention when 300 Harvard students occupied the building to protest Harvard military contracts.

1975 Bill Gates

drops out of Harvard.

Bill Gates - Microsoft
Obama - President
1977 Formal merger between Harvard and Radcliffe.

1991 Future President Barack Obama

graduates from Harvard Law School

The Harvard Museum of Natural History
1998 The Harvard Museum of Natural History

Combined three historic research museums - the Museum of Comparative Zoology, the Geological Museum, and the Herbaria.

Mark Zuckerburg - Facebook
2004 Mark Zuckerburg

launches Facebook at Harvard from Kirkland House.

2006 The Hahvahd Tour

This Harvard student-led tour captures the attention of local and national press coverage as a theatrical and entertaining look at the University.

The Hahvahd Tour
2007 Drew Gilpin Faust becomes the 28th President of Harvard

University and the first woman president in Harvard's history.

2008 Endowment

Harvard's Endowment peaks at a current record $37.2 billion.

The Hahvahd Tour
The Hahvahd Tour